Penny Riordan

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Baltimore, MD

Penny Riordan

Former community engagement strategist at, former founding editor of Expert in social media management, community engagement and online news writing.

Volunteer social media/content manager for Mid Atlantic Climbers.


Through 'Turning Pages,' Fathers in Prison Read with Their Children

A Catonsville-based program works with dads at the Baltimore County Detention Center in Towson. For the past eight weeks, several inmates at the Baltimore County Detention Center in Towson have been carrying around their favorite books, with titles like Green Eggs and Ham and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Mysterious Seven-Foot Tall Chair Back for the Parade

Tony and Patti Cavey came up with the idea of placing an over-sized lawn chair along the Fourth of July parade route in Catonsville. The legend of the seven-foot tall chair that would mysteriously appear along the parade route for Catonsville's Fourth of July parade dates back to 2006. As Catonsville Manor residents Tony and Patti Adams Cavey tell it, the idea came about in the summer of 2006.

You Tell Us: Has the Chair Tradition Gone Too Far?

Some of the responses to this article sicken me and make me feel sorry for the people who wrote them. To be so victimized by folding chairs, that OUR tradition, and I say OUR because these people can't really be Catonsville people, has to be compromised… This isn't a middle school cafeteria people.

Goodbye Catonsville Patch

Patch editor Penny Riordan is moving to a new position within the company. It was two years ago this July when a former editor and mentor of mine contacted me about a new opportunity with a company called . I was working at the Caroll County Times at the time and had followed the company's expansion up north in Connecticut where I used to work.

Antonio Martinez Pleads Guilty in Catonsville Bomb Plot

The Baltimore-area man outside a Catonsville military recruiting station pleaded guilty Thursday morning, according to the U.S. Attorney's office. Antonio Martinez, 22, who had lived in Baltimore and Woodlawn, was arrested Dec. 8, 2010 after FBI agents working undercover gave him a fake bomb to detonate outside the on Baltimore National Pike.

For 10 Years Since 9/11 Group Has Shown Patriotism on Frederick Road Bridge in Catonsville

A small group of residents waves flags on the 11th of every month. After 9/11, Catonsville resident Harry Korrell wrote a letter to the Navy volunteering his services. "I figured a lot of guys would need someone to watch their desk while they were gone," said the Navy veteran, who was in the service for 34 years.

Is abstinence-based education working in Carroll?

It’s talked about in the cafeteria, in the hallways and in the bathroom. It’s on the television, on the radio and online. And while not every teen in Carroll County is having sex, it’s something that’s all around them. Mitch Osterhouse, a sophomore at Francis Scott Key High School, hears about it often at the lunch table.
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For Sgt. John Bryan and his fiancée Darilyn Peake, the holidays will bring a tearful goodbye

About once a month, when things really start to weigh on Darilyn Peake, she’ll look up at the ceiling and declare that she hates her fiancé. “I hate him for leaving me behind to pay the bills and take care of the cats and take care of the cars. I absolutely hate him,” she said. “And then I burst into tears because I feel guilty that I hate him.
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Penny Riordan

In an online world where audiences are fragmented and the outlets for information are varied, it is important to build an audience through driving engagement, delivering important information and having a user-friendly platform.

Many traditional news media sources draw a line between web and print as well treat news from journalists differently than news from a reader. It's always important for the accurate facts to be shared, but readers are better at vetting information than we give them credit for. How can the platform be improved to highlight both in a way that values the reader's contributions, yet maintains the credibility of the journalist? These are things I love to think about and work on.

I've managed social media, user experience and community contribution standards at for the past year. Prior to that I ran a site as the founding editor of Catonsville Patch.

My background is in writing/editing in print and online publications for both newspapers and niche products. I have a decade of professional writing and editing experience. I also have experience managing small teams for company projects and publications.



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